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Why Invest in Australia ? EXCELLENT QUALITY OF LIFE

Yesterday we talk about Investor Visa, today I will walk you through Why invest in Australia? 

According to Australian Governement, Australian Trade Commission, Australia is one of the preferred investment destination because of: 

1. Growing Foreign Investment
2. Strong Economic Credential
3. Strategic Locations
4. Democratic and Politically stable
5. Business Friendly Regulatory Environment
6. Highly Skilled and Multilingual Workforce
7. Innovative culture with excellent R&D Infrastrature
8. Strong Sophisticated Financial services sector
9. Excellent Quality of Life

Let us further look at the excellent quality life in Australia

Talk about Quality of Life, it is found that Australia's quality of life was ranked 6th in the world out of 57 key economies, ahead of New Zealand, USA and UK. Another reason why Australia has a great extent of quality life is because of the level of access to healthcare professionals and services in Australia being among the highest of all. 
Australia's political and economic advantages are complemented by its welcoming attitude and excellent quality of life. In 2009, Australia’s quality of life was ranked 6th in the world out of 57 key economies, ahead of New Zealand, the USA and the UK (Source: IMD World Competitiveness Online 1995-2009, Worldwide Quality of Life Index 2009). 
Australia ranked second on the UNDP Human Development Index 2009, behind only Norway, and Australia's life expectancy (81 years) was the fifth highest in the world. The level of access to healthcare professionals and services in Australia is also amongst the highest in the world. 

Living the lifestyle

With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Australia offers a superb climate, a unique and beautiful environment, and quality social and cultural infrastructure.
Australian cities are regularly judged to be among the most liveable in the world across by a range of international surveys. In the Economist Intelligence Unit Liveability Ranking 2009, four of Australia's mainland capital cities were ranked in the top eight liveable cities in the world. While in Mercer Human Resource Consulting’s Quality of Living Survey 2008, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane were all among the top 31 cities in the world to live in, ahead of notable cities such as London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and New York.
Cost of Living Lower Than Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Dubai
The cost of living in Australia's capital cities is also lower than in most other major capitals worldwide, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York City, Singapore, London, Los Angeles and Dubai (Source: Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Sydney 2009).

Welcoming foreign investment

Australia's prosperity has been built on it being a great trading nation and an attractive and welcoming destination for foreign investment. Accordingly, the Australian Government actively encourages and supports foreign investment that is consistent with its national interest – regardless of source country – through a range of services and programs. In August 2009, the government announced legislative amendments aimed at simplifying and streamlining the screening process for foreign investment proposals.

Room to move

Australia has space in abundance. It is the sixth largest country in the world, but with one of the world’s lowest population densities at an average of only around three people per square kilometre.
Quality of Education contributes to Quality of Life

Education and training

The quality of Australia's education and training sector is internationally recognised. The country has well-designed private, state and federal-funded education systems offering high quality primary, secondary and tertiary education, and extensive vocational training, including specialised institutions for teaching English. Expatriate students at Australian schools can continue their schooling at US and European educational institutions without difficulty. 
Work Balanced Lifestyle
Australians not only work hard, they play hard. Their love of sports is famous. New facilities created for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, along with many other centres, provide options to view and participate in many sports.
Australians also love the outdoors. Australia has more than 7000 beaches stretching along thousands of kilometres of coastline, creating access to all water sports. Mountain ranges in Victoria and New South Wales offer a choice of snow sports and hundreds of state and national parks provide access to vast, pristine wilderness areas.


Australia supports a thriving national and local art, theatre, dance, film, opera and music scene which attracts many international performers and artists. Australian restaurants are creating an international reputation for their fresh and inviting menus.
The print and broadcast media is robust and lively, with about 1,200 lifestyle and other magazines – among the most per capita in the world – catering for all tastes.

A society to grow in

Living in Australia is to share in the culture of openness and a passion for getting the most out of life. Australian society encourages opportunity for all and gives everyone a ‘fair go’, while also fostering a strong spirit of competition.
Combined with all the other attributes on offer, Australia is not only a leading location for international companies but the destination of choice for their employees. Read more here....

All in all, we see the quality of life continues to grow in because of the culture of openness and passion for getting the most out of life. 

Quality Education, Work Life Balanced, and affordable cost of living contributes to the excellent quality of life in Australia. 

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Australia Investor Migration - The Investor Visa

Australia Investor Migration - The Investor Visa 

Let us begin by looking at what is The Investor VISA according to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship. 

Australia Investor Migration - About Investor Visa - 

This visa is for people who have a successful business or investment career, and have a genuine and realistic commitment to be involved in investing or business in Australia. This visa is also the first step towards being granted a permanent Business Skills visa. (Department of Immigration and Citizenship

 Australia Investor Migration - Who is this VISA for?

This visa is for investors/business people from overseas who are willing to invest funds in a designated investment in Australia for four (4) years, and are less than 45 years of age. (Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Australia Investor Migration - What you will benefit from this Visa?

  • make a designated investment
  • travel in and out of Australia any number of times as long as the visa is valid
  • have your family accompany you to Australia. They will have access to work and study rights
  • establish a pathway to permanent residence.
Here you something about Australia Investor Visa.

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Australia's 1000th number one hit goes to Harlem Shake

How did the video "Harlem Shake" when viral?

It all started with 5 bored teenagers from Sunshine Coast on February 2, 2013. The teenagers were  Corey Walsh, Jimmy Dale, Matt Stanyon, George Warrener and Oscar Mitchell. They did the dance Harlem Shake at the crowded small room. It went viral because it was interesting, it was abnormal, it was weird, the video was not too long, only 30 seconds.

According to the Cameron Adams the National Music Writer till date, the viral video Harlem Shake have reached Australia's 1000th number one hit. Read below, what this video affected the music industry. 

AUSTRALIAN chart history has been made with our 1000th No.1 single being logged this week.Novelty track Harlem Shake by US DJ Baauer has become the 1000th chart topper since chart records began in 1940. 
The first No.1 single on record in Australia was South of the Border by Gene Autry in January 1940.
The 500th No.1 was Boney M's Rasputin in December 1978.
Melbourne chart statistician Gavin Ryan has been tracking the milestone for the past year.
Harlem Shake has been No.1 on iTunes all week, following the dance track becoming the latest YouTube novelty sensation. 
Indeed Baauer has not made a video for the track, rather everyone from football teams to Playboy playmates have made 30 second DIY videos dancing wildly to Harlem Shake.
Both Hawthorn and Melbourne Storm posted their own Harlem Shake clips last week.
Between all the various videos, Harlem Shake has had over 100 million views on You Tube since the craze kicked off on February 7. 
Harlem Shake sold 38,497 copies in Australia last week to make No.1 - outselling our 999th No.1, Pink's Just Give Me a Reason, by around 7000 copies.
Harlem Shake is also No.1 in the US this week, with Billboard's singles chart now including YouTube videos along with download sales and radio play as a gauge of popularity.
Gavin Ryan said Harlem Shake topping the charts is the latest example of pop culture dividing the masses. Read more:

Let's do the Harlem Shake together!!!
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thomas Edison - "Our Greatest Weakness is Giving Up!"

Hey everyone!

How are you guys doing?
Once in a while I will be posting about word of wisdom to motivate you guys throughout the day.
I still remember one of my post was about afternoon quote where we the afternoon is not only the middle part of the day but it is part of the day we complete essential task and go ahead in life.
Today let us all learn from a well known person who invented one of the most important thing in life.
He is None Other than Thomas A Edison.
A brief introduction about Thomas A Edison adopted from Wikipedia.

Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) was an American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park" by a newspaper reporter, he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, and because of that, he is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.[1]
Edison is the fourth most prolific inventor in history, holding 1,093 US patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. He is credited with numerous inventions that contributed to mass communication and, in particular, telecommunications. These included a stock ticker, a mechanical vote recorder, a battery for an electric car, electrical power, recorded music and motion pictures.
His advanced work in these fields was an outgrowth of his early career as a telegraph operator. Edison developed a system of electric-power generation and distribution[2] to homes, businesses, and factories – a crucial development in the modern industrialized world. His first power stationwas on Pearl Street in Manhattan, New York.[2]  Read more here......
Here is his Word's of Wisdom

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
Thomas A. Edison

I relate this when I was young. How true Thomas A Edison puts it.

When I was young, learning to ride my bicycle. Most of the time, i fall down but i rise up and learn riding it again. Just like Thomas A. Edison says the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Just like riding a bicycle, if at that time, i give up just because i fell, today I will not know how to ride it well.

Riding a bicycle involves balancing, coordinating, when to break, when to ride fast, when to ride slowly, how you sit, how you ride.

I  personally feel as we grow older, we experience the disease "giving up" more. It is in human nature that we will give up at a certain age. Just like some say, I can't do that because I am old already. Can you relate to it?

How good it is if all young and old, no matter how old we are that we can have our childlike faith that always have the can do attitude and the never give up attitude, we will be succeed today.

So start today, if you fall today, all you need to do is to get up and do it again. Thomas A Edison does not says do many times, but just one more time.

Just One More Time, do it again and again until we succeed.

Here's just a short post on how we including myself can learn to never give up and live life more amazingly by trying to do it just one more time.

Cheers Every Body
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Never give up!!!! If you have something in mind, just do it.
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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Most in Demand Jobs of 2013

Hey there everyone.

What are the jobs in Australia are the most in demand for year 2013?

Accountants, registered nurses and IT Mobility Developers are among the jobs in Australia that are the most in demand for the year 2013.

The latest Quarterly Report from recruitment firm Hays covering January to March 2013, shows that there are clear pockets of shortages for specific skills in a number of sectors including healthcare and IT.  
As more workers across Australia expect to be able to work from home for example, the demand for IT mobile specialists could quickly exceed the number of qualified job candidates. 
Based on the hiring plans of Hays’ clients over the next quarter, the report forecasts that the energy sector will also face fierce competition for skilled workers from the higher salaries on offer in the oil and gas industry. Read more here..
Skilled child care workers are another group that are in high demand.
Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia adds :

“Whilst these skills are in hot demand, employers remain cautious about hiring candidates that appear to have moved around too often and they are also being very specific with their requirements, being more demanding about core and soft skills,” Read more here....

Employers are more cautious about those who moved around too often and look at specific requirements being demanding also in the area of core and soft skills.

So what are employers in Australia looking at ?

“Employers want candidates with a proven and stable background, and some are willing to wait to find the exact match. In terms of long-term solutions some employers are interested in candidates that can take a step up to fill a role rather than have someone more senior take a step back.”  Read more here....
Employers  wants you to have a proven and stable background and willing to wait the exact match.

If you are skilled in any areas like accounting, or an IT Professional.

Do consider migration programs in Australia.

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Many greetings
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Top 10 tips for submitting an expression of interest (EOI) in SkillSelect

Hello good morning everyone!

Hope you are all doing well.

Anyway here's 10 tips for you to know when you submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Here You Go. Do Enjoy it. Written by Mairin. 

  1. Make sure you express an interest in the right visa for your circumstances. Skilled visa options are available on the SkillSelect website at or you can use Visa Wizard to help you find out which visa is suited to you.
  2. Confirm if your occupation is eligible for skilled migration by checking the relevant Skilled Occupation List.
  3. Get to know the specific requirements for the visa you are interested in. Only certain skilled visa options are available through SkillSelect. The visa information booklets on our website will help you understand who qualifies to migrate to Australia. In particular, Booklet 11, SkillSelect includes information about how the system and process works.
  4. Ensure all your documents are in order before you start your online EOI. Until you provide evidence of all required documents, such as an IELTS test and skills assessment, you will have an incomplete EOI in SkillSelect. Detailed information about skills assessments can be found in a recent blog post.
  5. Read the ‘Getting started’ user guide on the SkillSelect support site. It has step-by-step instructions about entering your EOI details.
  6. Record the unique EOI identification number that is generated once you have created your EOI profile. This number will be your username when you log-in to SkillSelect.  Most importantly remember your security question answers.  If you happen to forget your password this will be the only way to reset it.
  7. When you fill out the EOI questions you should take your time and ensure you understand the questions. If you get stuck or don’t understand a question—use the question mark icons. They provide information to help you answer.
  8. Update your details in your EOI as soon as your circumstances change. This will ensure your updated details are considered in the next automatic invitation round. You also won’t be caught out if you receive an invitation before updating your details—SkillSelect automatically suspends access to an EOI when it sends an invitation.
  9. An invitation to make a visa application may be issued within a short timeframe after you submit your EOI. Remember, you must be able to support the claims you make in your EOI with documentation and have this ready to provide when making your application.
  10. Check the monthly reports tab on the SkillSelect web page. These reports indicate the number of invitations issued for the previous automatic invitation round. It also gives a breakdown of the number of invitation issued against each of the occupations on the Skilled Occupation List. If an occupation has reached its ‘ceiling’, or the maximum limit of invitations that can be issued for that certain occupation, then it is unlikely that any more automatic invitations will be issued for that occupation during that program year.

Click here if you would like to follow more updates from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Thank you for reading. 
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Harlem Shake Fever!!!! =)


Who doesn't know the Harlem Shake?

Check it out here.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Australia Skilled Migration VISA applications tips

Hi there people!!! I am back to bring to you latest updates about Australia Migration.  

How is everybody doing? I went back to celebrate Chinese New Year in my hometown Kampar.

To sum it up. I gain a couples of kilo. Time to hit the gym soon.

Anyway today I found an interesting article about Australia Skilled Visa Application.

Here you go article written by Ray Clancy on Australia skilled VISA Application tips.

Australia Skilled Migraiton VISA Application Tip #1 Submit an Expression of Interest in the right VISA for  your circumstances. 

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has compiled a new list of tips to help people applying for a visa for Australia under the SkillSelect scheme. It says that first and foremost people need to make sure that they submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the right visa for your circumstances and the skilled visa options are available on the SkillSelect website.
There is also an online Visa Wizard to help applicants find out which visa is best suited to their circumstances and a list of the occupations eligible for skilled migration can be found on the Skilled Occupation List. Read more here...

Australia Skilled Migraiton VISA Application - Tip #2 Know the Specific Requirements for the VISA they are interested in.

Before starting the online EOI, do ensure all documents are in order.
If you are not sure about how to proceed, you may look at the Getting Started User Guide on the SkillSelect support site.
‘We advice applicants to get to know the specific requirements for the visa they are interested in. Only certain skilled visa options are available through SkillSelect. The visa information booklets on our website will help people to understand who qualifies to migrate to Australia,’ said a (DIAC) spokesman. In particular, Booklet 11, SkillSelect includes information about how the system and process works.
‘Ensure all your documents are in order before you start your online EOI. Until you provide evidence of all required documents, such as an IELTS test and skills assessment, you will have an incomplete EOI in SkillSelect,’ the spokesman added. There is also a Getting Started user guide on the SkillSelect support site that has step by step instructions about entering EOI details.
An invitation to make a visa application may be issued within a short timeframe after the EOI is submitted. ‘Remember, you must be able to support the claims you make in your EOI with documentation and have this ready to provide when making your application,’ the spokesman added. There are also monthly reports on the SkillSelect web page which indicate the number of invitations issued for the previous automatic invitation round. It also gives a breakdown of the number of invitation issued against each of the occupations on the Skilled Occupation List Read more here... 
So here you go about Australia Skilled Migration VISA Application Tips.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chinese New Year on Sunday

Hi there everyone hope you are doing well.
As you all know according to the Chinese Calender, on Sunday 10.02.2013,  Chinese people will be celebrating Chinese New Year.

Here's a song I would like to dedicate to all people celebrating Chinese New Year.
Friends, readers, followers here's a song for you to enjoy.
The title - welcome the good year with a good mood. :)

Let me wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

May the Year of the Snake bring you Great Joy, Luck and lots of Blessing.
蛇年大吉, 恭喜发财, 生意兴隆

This year is the year of the snake.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Discover your social networking personality

Something different today. Hope you learn something. 
What's your social media personality? 

Interesting right? 
Found this on Mashable 

Image Source via iStockphotoCWLawrence and

Have Fun Discovering What Personality you are.

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Travel Around West Australia

West Australia - A must visit destination!!! =)

Check out this video about travelling around West Australia.

Subscribe to video. Acknowledge Baizaiba for sharing this video.

We learn something from this video.

Enjoy watching.

Those who have in mind to migrate to Australia are most welcome to click fill  your details here in order for us to assist you.

3 migration programs available.

1. General Skilled Migration 
2. Family Migration 
3. Business and Investor Migration

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Skilled Migration Program Australia - Skilled Engineers

Skilled Migration Program Australia  - Skilled Engineers  

Good morning !! Wishing you a great day ahead today.
It is 11.21am here in Malaysia, a sunny day today.
So here I am again bringing you today Australia's latest updates.

I have mentioned  a few times before that West Australia has been the best performing state in Australia. According to the latest job forecast for the year, West Australia has the best job growth outlook in Australia with Engineering still experiencing shortage for skilled workers. 

In building related engineering, steady vacancy levels exist across most of Australia and demand remains strong for senior level engineers, particularly in electrical design. Civil engineers and senior civil engineers are also in high demand. 
One area that is a little weaker is the public sector, due to a tightening of budgets while on the other hand, demand for project engineers and project managers has been particularly strong, as has the need for civil and electrical design staff.
In Western Australia, hydrologists and senior environmental advisors with mining project experience are also in strong demand. Mechanical engineers with experience working on resources processing and materials handling projects, especially gold and iron ore, are also being sought. There are recruitment difficulties reported for senior chemical engineers in specialist areas including water treatment and the oil and gas sector.
‘With the economy gathering pace, the mining sector remaining solid and the construction sector recovering, the demand for engineers must only grow,’ says the report. The EMDA model is forecasting that engineering positions will be growing at 3.6% per annum by May 2013 and this growth will mean that skills shortages in this category will worsen. Read more here...
Demand of engineers are caused by the booming mining industry where by skilled engineers are needed.

Here you go. For more information regarding skilled migration program in Australia, click here for a free assessment.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

How to Speak Australian Accent

Hey there.

This video is interesting.

Open you to the Australian Culture.

Learn now how to speak in Australian Accent.

How To Speak With An Australian Accent

If you like this video, all you need to do is hit subscribe.
Enjoy the video above

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Airline enhances its domestic travel services in Australia

Hey all, people living, working and visiting in Austalia can now enjoy an enhanced flight services  in the country.

Qantas will lease an additional five Boeing 717 aircraft and purchase three Bombardier Q400 aircraft, due to start arriving from the second half of 2013. Qantas Group Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce said the new aircraft would strengthen what was already Australia’s leading domestic aviation network. (
Qantas will deploy Boeing 767 aircraft with new interiors and individual in-flight entertainment on all weekday flights between Brisbane and Perth from 31 March 2013. It also said it will bring forward its deployment of wide body Airbus A330s aircraft on all weekday Sydney to Perth flights by over a month. (
Qantas domestic chief executive officer Lyell Strambi, said the changes to East-West routes would enable Qantas to better serve the business and premium travel market on these routes. ‘One of Qantas’ key strengths in the domestic market is our wide body aircraft, which are very popular with our customers. We will now have wide body aircraft on all weekday flights between the Eastern states and Western Australia,’ he explained. 
‘We have received fantastic feedback from customers who have travelled on the Boeing 767 with the new interiors and in-flight entertainment. Qantas’ A330 aircraft offer superior space and comfort and have individual in-flight entertainment for all of our passengers, making them ideal for longer flights,’ he added. He also pointed out that Qantas is the only domestic airline that offers a meal and checked-in baggage to every passenger as part of their fare, no matter what time they are flying or which class they are in. 
Qantas is refurbishing 16 Boeing 767 aircraft with new interiors and individual in-flight entertainment as part of wider investment in the domestic customer experience. Six aircraft have completed the upgrade in Brisbane and are now operational. Customers travelling on Qantas’ B767 fleet will now enjoy updated cabin interiors, leather seats in Business and in-flight entertainment (IFE) streamed direct to iPads in every seat in Business and Economy.
In November, Qantas announced that A330 aircraft would be used on all midweek Sydney to Perth and Melbourne to Perth flights from May. This date is being brought forward for Sydney to Perth services. Plans continue to deploy A330s on all weekday Melbourne to Perth flights from May. 
Hope this enhancement help the growth of the economy of Australia as well.

Simple update.

Hope this helps you all.

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What job pays the highest Weekly Wages in Australia?

Hi there people, hope you had a great weekend last week. 

So let me walk you through what job pays the highest weekly wages in Australia?

Anyone would like to take a guess?

It is the Mining job in Australia that pays the highest weekly wages. 
The mining industry in Australia pays the highest wages in the country, according to the latest figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The ABS Employee Earnings and Hours Report, which is published every two years, showed that average take home weekly earnings in the industry was $2,388.20 as of May 2012 and the average hourly rate in the sector was $52.30. ( 
Mike Scott ABS director of labour employer surveys said that - 63% of full time adult non-managerial employees earned weekly total cash earnings of more than $2,000 per week in the mining industry. ( 
What job pays the lowest weekly wages? 
The lowest weekly earnings are reported for people working in the accommodation and food services industry at $538.80, sales workers at $607, community and personal service workers at $707, and labourers at $779.   ( 
It is t he accommodation and food services industry as well as community service and personal service workers earns the lowest weekly earnings in Australia. 

Western Australian has the highest wages in the country followed by Australian Capital Territory. 
Looking at the average weekly wages in Western Australia, a full time worker earn average $1328 as high as $1634. But there is always a catch to it. Earning high wages means long working hours. Mining being the highest paid job in Australia too become the top list of longest working hour job.

Due to its large proportion of mining, Western Australia has the highest wages in the country, followed by the Australian Capital Territory. The average weekly pay for all workers in Western Australia is $1,328, climbing as high as $1,634 per week for full time workers, or almost $85,000 per year. However, earning high wages in this sector means working long hours. The mining industry topped the list of the longest average work week, in particular full time machinery operators and drivers, with an average of 43.7 hours compared with the national average of 33 hours a week. ( 
Anyone would like to Guess who is the Richest Person in Australia?

It is Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart remains Australia’s richest person, according to the latest Forbes Rich List, with an empire worth $16 billion. Overall the number of Australian billionaires rose by three to 23 in 2012. (

source :
Interesting right?

Mining the longest working hours job and pays the highest wage weekly in Australia.

Wait no more.

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