Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Australia Skilled Migration VISA applications tips

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How is everybody doing? I went back to celebrate Chinese New Year in my hometown Kampar.

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Anyway today I found an interesting article about Australia Skilled Visa Application.

Here you go article written by Ray Clancy on Australia skilled VISA Application tips.

Australia Skilled Migraiton VISA Application Tip #1 Submit an Expression of Interest in the right VISA for  your circumstances. 

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has compiled a new list of tips to help people applying for a visa for Australia under the SkillSelect scheme. It says that first and foremost people need to make sure that they submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the right visa for your circumstances and the skilled visa options are available on the SkillSelect website.
There is also an online Visa Wizard to help applicants find out which visa is best suited to their circumstances and a list of the occupations eligible for skilled migration can be found on the Skilled Occupation List. Read more here...

Australia Skilled Migraiton VISA Application - Tip #2 Know the Specific Requirements for the VISA they are interested in.

Before starting the online EOI, do ensure all documents are in order.
If you are not sure about how to proceed, you may look at the Getting Started User Guide on the SkillSelect support site.
‘We advice applicants to get to know the specific requirements for the visa they are interested in. Only certain skilled visa options are available through SkillSelect. The visa information booklets on our website will help people to understand who qualifies to migrate to Australia,’ said a (DIAC) spokesman. In particular, Booklet 11, SkillSelect includes information about how the system and process works.
‘Ensure all your documents are in order before you start your online EOI. Until you provide evidence of all required documents, such as an IELTS test and skills assessment, you will have an incomplete EOI in SkillSelect,’ the spokesman added. There is also a Getting Started user guide on the SkillSelect support site that has step by step instructions about entering EOI details.
An invitation to make a visa application may be issued within a short timeframe after the EOI is submitted. ‘Remember, you must be able to support the claims you make in your EOI with documentation and have this ready to provide when making your application,’ the spokesman added. There are also monthly reports on the SkillSelect web page which indicate the number of invitations issued for the previous automatic invitation round. It also gives a breakdown of the number of invitation issued against each of the occupations on the Skilled Occupation List Read more here... 
So here you go about Australia Skilled Migration VISA Application Tips.

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