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What job pays the highest Weekly Wages in Australia?

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So let me walk you through what job pays the highest weekly wages in Australia?

Anyone would like to take a guess?

It is the Mining job in Australia that pays the highest weekly wages. 
The mining industry in Australia pays the highest wages in the country, according to the latest figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The ABS Employee Earnings and Hours Report, which is published every two years, showed that average take home weekly earnings in the industry was $2,388.20 as of May 2012 and the average hourly rate in the sector was $52.30. ( 
Mike Scott ABS director of labour employer surveys said that - 63% of full time adult non-managerial employees earned weekly total cash earnings of more than $2,000 per week in the mining industry. ( 
What job pays the lowest weekly wages? 
The lowest weekly earnings are reported for people working in the accommodation and food services industry at $538.80, sales workers at $607, community and personal service workers at $707, and labourers at $779.   ( 
It is t he accommodation and food services industry as well as community service and personal service workers earns the lowest weekly earnings in Australia. 

Western Australian has the highest wages in the country followed by Australian Capital Territory. 
Looking at the average weekly wages in Western Australia, a full time worker earn average $1328 as high as $1634. But there is always a catch to it. Earning high wages means long working hours. Mining being the highest paid job in Australia too become the top list of longest working hour job.

Due to its large proportion of mining, Western Australia has the highest wages in the country, followed by the Australian Capital Territory. The average weekly pay for all workers in Western Australia is $1,328, climbing as high as $1,634 per week for full time workers, or almost $85,000 per year. However, earning high wages in this sector means working long hours. The mining industry topped the list of the longest average work week, in particular full time machinery operators and drivers, with an average of 43.7 hours compared with the national average of 33 hours a week. ( 
Anyone would like to Guess who is the Richest Person in Australia?

It is Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart remains Australia’s richest person, according to the latest Forbes Rich List, with an empire worth $16 billion. Overall the number of Australian billionaires rose by three to 23 in 2012. (

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Mining the longest working hours job and pays the highest wage weekly in Australia.

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