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Getting Arrested Because of Harlem Shake

After the Video 'Harlem Shake' went viral, many have started creating their own Harlem Shake parody and posted on Youtube. The Harlem Shake meme was established by 5 teenagers from Queensland Australia registered on Youtube as TheSunnyCoastSkate. 
The Harlem Shake video was a success because it attributed to the anticipation of breakout moment and short length, making them very accessible to watch.

Today it is almost a month since the internet meme Harlem Shake was created. According to BBC, 
The Harlem Shake viral video trend, which has sparked over 100,000 imitations and garnered nearly a billion views, has been going a month. It's been unique in the speed of its spread. (BBC)
Youtube says about the Harlem Shake 

On 2 February, the Harlem Shake video meme was born. By 11 Feb, YouTube claimed there were 4,000 videos being uploaded a day.
Over 700 million people have viewed the videos, YouTube says. More than 100 versions have at least a million views. The most has nearly 40 million.
 The fact that it is short and easy to replicate, with a consistent format, has been central to its success, says Kevin Allocca, YouTube trends manager. read more here...

 Although we see there are great success in this meme, but lately the meme that people mimic and create their own Harlem Shake version have caused people getting arrested, some of them lose their job because of Harlem Shake.


A mere 30 seconds fun of dancing the Harlem Shake and creating the video has caused 15 miners lose their job in West Australia.

A group of workers from Barminco and Hahn Electrical Contracting were fired for their involvement in a re-enactment of the viral dance craze, the Harlem ShakeRead more: 
Barminco Staff have not only been fired but banned for life according to a dismissal.

Let us hear from the miners about the incident.
"It was 2.30 in the morning and we thought we just had to do something to get us going again," one unnamed worker said.
"Sometimes you lose a bit of momentum at that time of the morning." Read more....

Michigan high school suspends 30 students for Harlem Shake video on YouTube using live bird

  A suburban Detroit high school suspended 30 students for their Harlem Shake video which featured a live bird, the simulation of oral sex and a boy in a President Obama mask. 
Milford High School, in Oakland County’s Highland Township, took the drastic action because they said the boys lied to gain access to the classroom.  
Read more here...

4 Egyptian Students Arrested After Making ‘Harlem Shake’ YouTube Video: ‘A Scandalous Act’

According to the Agence France-Presse:
Egyptian police said Saturday they have arrested four students who filmed themselves publicly dancing in their underwear, as more people around the world emulate a viral dance craze called the “Harlem Shake.” 
The four pharmaceutical students shocked residents of a middle class Cairo neighbourhood when they removed most of their clothes and videotaped themselves performing the pelvis-thrusting dance, a police official said.
The hostile audience tried to assault the students, who are accused of committing “a scandalous act,” the official added. Read more here...
From here, we see although we can mimic the viral video Harlem Shake and do it in your own version. There are several elements to take into consideration like from  the Michigan incident, there were sensitive elements like oral sex, and in Egypt we all know that Egypt has strict public indecency law. 
Be mind full when you mimic the meme Harlem Shake again.

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  1. I know what you mean! My college students wanted to do this and I told them it was not a good idea! Then some other students decided to do it at the half time game of our men's basketball game without letting the coaches or staff know that is what they were planning on doing. I am guessing several basketball players and students got into a lot of trouble for it.

  2. Yup. Thank you for dropping by Country Bumpkin Reporter.
    Here we see some elements perhaps in future we can take note of when it comes to creating a viral video.
    Factors like sensitivity, cultural difference, political agenda are best to take into consideration whether the video created will affect the viewers. Perhaps this is a great lessons for all of us to take note.