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US Migration : Top 7 Myth and Facts about Immigration in the United States

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Randel K. Johnson the Senior Vice President Labor, Immigration & Employee Benefits said that "Despite the numerous studies and carefully detailed statistical reports outlining the positive effects of immigration, there is a great deal of misinformation about the impact of immigration. It is critical that policymakers and the public are educated about the facts behind these fallacies."(

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US Migration : Top 7 Myths and Facts about Immigration in the United States

The Chamber's Labor, Immigration & Employee Benefits Division has prepared a total of seven most common myths about immigrants to the country. The 7 myths are Job, Wages, Population, Taxes, Welfare, Integration and Crime. 

US Migration : #1 Myths and Facts about Jobs 

Myth : 

Every job filled by an immigrant – especially an illegal immigrant – is
a job that could be filled by an unemployed American.


Immigrants typically do not compete for jobs with native-born workers
and immigrants create jobs as entrepreneurs, consumers, and taxpayers.

US Migration : #2 Myths and Facts about Wages

Myth : 
Immigrants drive down the wages of American workers.

Facts : 
Immigrants give a slight boost to the wages of most Americans by increasing their productivity and stimulating investment.

US Migration : #3 Myths and Facts about Population 

Myth : 
Immigrants will “over-populate” the United States

Facts : 
Immigrants will replenish the U.S. labor force as the Baby 
Boomers retire.

US Migration : #4 Myths and Facts about Taxes

Undocumented immigrants do not pay taxes.

Undocumented immigrants pay 
billions of dollars in taxes each 
year, often for benefits they will 
never receive.

US Migration : #5 Myths and Facts about Welfare

Immigrants come to the United States for welfare benefits.

Facts : 
Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federal public
benefit programs, and legal immigrants face stringent eligibility restrictions.

US Migration : #6 Myths and Facts about Integration

Myth : 
Today’s immigrants are not assimilating into U.S. society.

Facts :
Today’s immigrants are buying homes and becoming U.S. citizens.

US Migration : #7 Myths and Facts about Crime

Myth :
Immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than U.S. natives.

Immigration does not cause crimes rate to rise and immigrants have lower
incarceration rates than native-born Americans.

For the full version of the report, please click here to download it. 

Hope you enjoy reading this simple post. Acknowledge that all information was taken from the US Chamber of Commerce.

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