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India Migrate to Australia 4000 years ago - Dingo, microlith

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This article was adopted from BBC News UK.

Posted yesterday by Rebecca Morelle, Science Reporter, BBC world Service. 

A genetic study suggests that Australia experience a wave of migration from India about 4000 years ago. 

The continent of Australia were isolated 40,000 years ago after the first humans arrived.

It was thought the continent had been largely isolated after the first humans arrived about 40,000 years ago until the Europeans moved in in the 1800s.But DNA from Aboriginal Australians revealed there had been some movement from India during this period. Read more here...
Researchers believe the Indian migrants might have introduced dingo to Australia and also microliths stone tool.

The researchers believe the Indian migrants may have introduced the dingo to Australia.In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they say that the fossil record suggests the wild dogs arrived in Australia at around the same time.They also suggest that Indians may have brought stone tools called microliths to their new home. Read more here...
Let see what Prof Mark says about the Indian Migration.

 Prof Mark Stoneking, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany said that 

""For a long time, it has been commonly assumed that following the initial colonization, Australia was largely isolated as there wasn't much evidence of further contact with the outside world," Read more here...Read more here...
How did they do it? What methodology were used?

To study the early origins of Australia's population, the team compared genetic material from Aboriginal Australians with DNA from people in New Guinea, South East Asia and India.
By looking at specific locations, called genetic markers, within the DNA sequences, the researchers were able to track the genes to see who was most closely related to whom.
They found an ancient genetic association between New Guineans and Australians, which dates to about 35,000 to 45,000 years ago. At that time, Australia and New Guinea were a single land mass, called Sahul, and this tallies with the period when the first humans arrived.Read more here...
Genetic Material from Aboriginal Australians with DNA from people in New Guinea, South East Asia and India were use. It is by looking at specific locations called genetic makers within the DNA sequences, researchers were able to track the genes to see who was most closely related to whom.

Prof Stoneking said: "We have a pretty clear signal from looking at a large number of genetic markers from all across the genome that there was contact between India and Australia somewhere around 4,000 to 5,000 years ago."  
Prof Stoneking said: "We don't have direct evidence of any connection, but it strongly suggestive that microliths, dingo and the movement of people were all connected."Read more here... 
Dingo, microliths and the movement suggested that India Migrated Australia 4000 years ago.

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