Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Which is the cheapest state to own a business in Australia?

Happy Australia Everyone. 
Today we will look at which state in Australia is the most affordable to own a business. 
What factors will influence you to start up a business in Australia? 

1. Land Taxes & 
2. workcover insurances

Western Australia was found to be the cheapest state in terms of state taxes to own a business base on an analysis of small business taxes by Your Business.

An analysis of small business taxes by Your Business shows Western Australia is the cheapest state in terms of state taxes, followed by the Northern Territory. (NEWS.COM.AU
Businesses in Western Australia (WA) has lowest impact of land tax and stamp duty compare to business in Australia Central Territory (ACT) where it has the highest amount of property taxes. 

Business in the ACT incur the highest amount of property taxes at this level ($40,828 in land tax and stamp duty) while WA businesses have the lowest impact ($25,712).
Read more:
Northern Territory and Western Australia among the top potential business states.
 Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows 94.9 per cent of existing and new NT small businesses survived 2011/12 the highest across the country.
 the success of a business relies more on economic potential than the underlying cost base, and the NT and WA regularly appear at the top. Read more:
 WA and NT attracting the private sector investor. Bulk of expenditure is expected to fall to big infrastructure projects.

The private sector is investing big in WA and NT. While the bulk of this expenditure is expected to fall to big infrastructure projects, some trickle down is also expected.
About $78,855 was invested for every small business in WA in the September quarter, and that investment has grown 225 per cent over the last five years.
NT businesses see $72,015 invested for every small business, and a five-year growth rate of almost 290 per cent.Read more:
 For an overall view of business analysis state by state in Australia, please click here to read more....

Here we can see a that Western Australia and Northern Territory are both among the states in Australia to own a business.

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  1. Nice! I never knew about any of this, I'd love to visit Australia one day!


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